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Skaiste Klaniute


I ravel in the mysteries, from the simple puff of a dandelion seed caught in a breeze to the infinite number of stars that cloak the night. The ephemeral qualities of the ordinary that are ever present, yet discarded as part of the everyday. The cycle of birth, life and death never stops. When you finish reading this sentence, 50 million cells in your body will have been replaced by new ones in an ongoing effort to survive.


The phenomena of emergence arise from a web of chaos, where particles collate to form matter, systems and organisms. Spontaneity and non-linearity allows a new exploration in the creation of new life forms. Everything is in constant flux, governed by kinetic energy, the macro molecules that shape us as part of inevitable reality may be just another probability. Everything is energy that vibrates shifts and is never still, the laws that are set for truth may be redundant, it can be a mirage for what we ‘actually’ see and comply as assured certainty. The world is endlessly tearing and repairing itself in continual flux of modification and mutation. We the living, exist in a complex regime in the phase of transition between chaos and order, only then can we be both adaptable and able to evolve in the stability and order we live in.


There are secrets to life that go beyond the laws of physics and chemistry. As Polanyi eloquently stated: a painting contains the chemical properties of paint on canvas, but its meaning is not determined by its physicality but by the artist. Who is our artist? The world is filled with accidental occurrences that trigger moments of wonder and magic, it is the minuscule details that kaleidoscope the world around us. The vast expanse of space too immense to comprehend mirrors the intricacy of micro systems right below our feet. I strive to unearth that, which lays invisible.

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