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Fine Art Photography

Between the Sun and The Moon

 A dual personality emerges between the intense heat of the sun and the cool, reflective shadow of the moon. Within this interplay, one can discern the contrast between the divine feminine and the masculine, each representing unique aspects of human nature. These dual personas and their associated cultural backgrounds find their dwelling in the realm of ever-changing expression and existance.

       This body of work investigates the subtlety of feminine sexuality. Reminiscing on the story of Adam and Eve I wanted to explore Eve’s individuality without the dominance of Adam, as the story portrays Eve to be subservient partner to Adam, made from the bone of his rib.  My personal connection to the model, who happen to be named Eve, has informed an intimate and vulnerable approach to this shoot, inspired by the aesthetic of Renaissance and Dutch painting. My aim was to highlight her assertive presence yet not to shy away from the inherent sensual nature of the feminine. Beauty is important but just as important is the soul that colours all aspects of vitality and energy, it lies in the darkness of deep night and shadow from which Eve emerges and submerges into the mystery of her existence.

Modern Renaissance, drew inspiration from Renaissance paintings to showcase the modern woman in all her glory and feminine charm. The woman is lightly draped with fabrics to accentuate her feminine nature, the attire seemed to belong in the context of classic paintings from centuries ago. Intermixed in this series is Ceres, which draws from the ancient mythology of the goddess of grain and abundance. In Ceres, I used gold and copper to add a sense of luxury and decadence to my compositions. I wanted to highlight that grain could be worth its weight in gold in olden times, contemplating the hierarchy of different values that have existed and been transformed in the modern world.

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