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Blair Coron - Cairn (full film)
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Screenshot (24)_edited.jpg
Screenshot (24)_edited.jpg

The making of Cairn

I was asked to join this project on behalf of Blair Coron's vision to capture a whisp of the past, where whispers of old tales can be heard in the gushing wind that ripple across the lochs and are deposited in the trail of pinecones. That is just my fanciful way in constructing my own idea of this story and bringing it to life with my camera.

This journey took us to some remote and ancient places. It was a marvel to behold the old desolate cairns battered by the wind, the golden grasses of the moors and wet bogs that seem to stretch forever uninterrupted and unphased by the lack of visitors but the odd stag upon the hill. Yet in many extremes the landscape holds a sort of electrifying suspense, like the oncoming storm on the right on the Isle of Lismore, where all at once the clouds and rain can engulf the mountains whole, yet come back and caress the glen with its splendid light rays, a pause between the breaths.

Lisomre island drone shot of sheep crossing a field througha fallen rock wall towards the sea
a man in a red patterend jumper sits holiding a cup of tea surrounded by cosy living room kitchen light by a gruit bowl with a violin on the table talking of stories from the highlands for his music project

And some words from the artist himself, who shares some fascinating folklore and legends, as seen in the film.
Here is his short excerpt of the film;
'Cairn' is a unique collaboration of sight, sound and the past, being, reminiscences of Scotland. It is a living memory. It is a collection of new music set to archival recordings of those who once lived in the Scottish Highlands and Islands discussing moments of childhood, folklore and people. It is a celebration of the more intricate moments of Scottish and Gaelic culture and a thank you to all it has given so far. We are in the living rooms, we are in the kitchens and around the firesides drinking tea with these people from across time and getting to know them. My music is the radio playing in the corner and the emotions echoing through our minds. They shall be our companions, our grandparents and our teachers. They had lived a whole life, let us offer them a chance for resurrection, let them tell you a story. This has been such a joy to create. The voices living on through here have been close companions of mine over the last two years, they provide a feeling of comfort and home. I hope they will be your companion too.

a screenshot of the islands and mountains seen from the islands of scotland lismore ben nevis and glencoe peaks over stormy sun lit water
a boat is scene framed by wooden remnants of an old bridge as it bobs on the shallow waves of the loch
Screenshot (34)_edited.jpg

Original Music/Director:
Blair Coron

Skaiste Klaniute
Additional Subtitles:
Moilidh NicGriogair

Mixing & Mastering:
Luigi Pasquini / Dystopia Glasgow

Blair Coron, Charlie Grey, Laetitia Pannetier, Rhona Macfarlane and Rachel Wilson


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