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Photographer Skaiste Klaniute produces polished yet artistic work specialising in areas of fine art and commission photography, she also works in film for documentary and service-based content creation. Her  photography is timeless, elegant and animated with a cinematic style.

  • Original Fine Art works

  • Fashion

Garden of Eve

Fine Art

  • Headshots

  • Weddings

  • Editorial

  • Interior Design & Architecture

  • Festivals & Life Events

Awkward Family Portraits


  • Documentary film

  • Courses

  • Social media promotion & creation

Still from Into the Darkness course


Skye and Zac ring on a lilly


        We had Skaiste do the photography for our wedding and I can hardly describe how absolutely over the moon I was with her work! The photos that we got back were absolutely incredible. I had no idea what to expect as we sat down and looked at the photos for the first time, as we started to go through them my jaw drop and I couldn’t believe these were my wedding photos!! They were just so beautiful. Not only did Skaiste capture fantastic photos of my self and my partner but her candid photos were phenomenal, she captured so many beautiful moments of the guests at the wedding. Everyone walked away with amazing photos of them selves!         
Above all Skaiste was just so phenomenal to work with, she was just so nice and such a lovely presence at the wedding, she made us feel so comfortable and gave us great feedback while taking photos so we got the perfect shots. She was so professional and efficient! She was everywhere and captured everything!! We have so many amazing photos to remember our day, I am so thankful we chose Skaiste to be there to document our event. She was perfect!

Zac & Skye Wedding 

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